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May 12, 2013
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MnG: Moriyama Takumi by atds0724 MnG: Moriyama Takumi by atds0724

[♪]Name: Moriyama Takumi [巧海] [Mori is his nickname u v u]
Takumi [巧海] means "adroit(skillful), sea"

[♪]Age: 17


[♪]Weight: 135 lbs

[♪]Year: Sophomore

[♪]Level : Intermediate


♥ his senpais (and his kohais)
♥ attention
♥ swimming of course u v u
♥ singing in the karaoke
♥ teasing people


♨ Lifting weights Q A Q
♨ broccoli omg
♨ people who dislike him of course ; v ;
♨ getting fat ahaha- /shot

Takumi, I guess, you can call him a sweetie. He's nice, childishly clingy, but nice. He would approach anyone and make them his friend, he would do everything {okay not really everything} to make people notice him. Once you become his friend- hugs, glomps, smooches and kisses are expected from him. He isn't the kind to swear, and not the type to get into fights. If you'd ask him where he'd like to hang out, he'd probably answer "The karaoke restobar!" and he'd probably drag you there whether you like it or not. He's always seen wearing a big smile on his face, but that's just a side of him he wants people to see.

Ever since Takumi was a little boy, he was spoiled by his older siblings and his parents. He was given much attention and much love a child could ever ask. When the Moriyama family would go out to eat, it was Takumi who would choose the restaurant [he always chose the karaoke bar just nearby their house]; when it was Christmas day Takumi would receive the most presents. Yes, being the youngest had its privileges, the good thing about it was that his older siblings didn't mind. They were mature enough not to be jealous, and that Takumi didn't really rub it in their faces. I guess you could say that Takumi lived a good life with his family, well, until the incident.

Just after being dropped at his gradeschool, after an exchange of waves and "I love you"s, Takumi watched his whole family die when a school bus crashed into their car. (Apparently the bus driver was found to be drunk and was sent to prison for that) It was a devastating memory, horrifying, terrible and tragic. The ten year old boy was scarred for life. Who wouldn't be? Watching front row your family's death at such age? It was the worst.

For several weeks Takumi was placed in the hospital for mental and physical therapy. Many therapists have tried to make the boy happy, but it seemed like the only thing that was ever on his mind was the blood shattering memory of his family's death. It was only until one therapist [who was related to the Moriyama family] suggested that Takumi could try swimming as a therapy. For just a short span of time the boy became fond of swimming and it helped him to relax and calm his mind. When the doctors thought that Takumi was good to go he was sent to his uncle, Tadanori Sato (the youngest brother of Takumi's mother), by the words of his parent's will. His uncle didn't exactly welcome him with open arms, well, since Takumi's arrival was very unexpected, but from then on Takumi lived with him in his small condo unit.

But you'd have to remember that Takumi is quite a spoiled, clingy person. He wasn't the type to be left alone and unappreciated. That was the hard part (well for him) living with his uncle, since the latter was usually off working and/or taken away by his perverted boss. So every now and then, Takumi would be alone in the condo with nothing to do. (This is one of the reasons why Takumi would be overly-affectionate with everyone who becomes friends with him)

A few years later, the therapist relative came to the condo to check up on Takumi, and to tell him the great news. "I have found the highschool best suited for you, Takumi-kun. It's called Mizu-No-Gakuen, and there swimming is one of the main subjects. I came here to ask if you'd like to enroll there."

With a wide smile, Takumi nodded. "Yes! Yes I would love to~!"

[♪]Additional Info:
★ Moriyama does TI (Total immersion) for swimming.
★ He loves to hug and kiss his friends u v u
★ Mori is a seke.
★ His uncle looks like this ::
★ Takumi's past interconnects with Kaname Tachibana's backstory.
★ Takumi is roommates with Alastair u v u <3

For :iconmizu-no-gakuen:
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TrickyJinx Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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atds0724 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
aaa-aaaaaaaaa q /// ^ /// q t-thank omg

Takumi: *does the smoochy face* Then come over here and give me a nice big smooch on the lips! :icongaywinkplz: unless Masa-kun wants a smooc-- ///slapped
TrickyJinx Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

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H2Otheory Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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